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BSc (Hons) Health Sciences
Clinical Nutritional Therapist
Corporate Nutrition
NLP Practitioner & Life Coach
Insured mBANT
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Your health is the most profound investment you will ever make!

Welcome and a very warm thank you for visiting my profile.

Health is not the absence of disease, but rather a wonderful and magic state of being. Health is supreme vitality, strength, joy, harmony and abundance. It is an extraordinary experience that involves all your senses at a higher level.

If you are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy you will have more energy, more vitality and more chances to thrive in life, to look after your beloved ones, to be more successful at what you do, to be more competitive in your profession and live a happier and longer life.

My name is Cristiano Percoco and I am a Nutritional Therapist, trained using the Functional Medicine model at the University of Westminster. Below are some of the other qualifications and trainings of mine:

  • NTEC certification for applied Nutrition during and after cancer treatment.
  • NLP accredited Practitioner & Life Coach.
  • Year 1 Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Alzheimer ’s disease: gut-brain link & genetics of AD.
  • Nutrigenomics: bridging the gap, Part 1 & 2.
  • Nutrigenomics: A new approach to Health & Performance, Nutritional genomic, detoxification.
  • Treatment and Management of Autoimmune Conditions: genetics and epigenetics of autoimmunity.
  • Inflammation: the role of epigenetics and gene expression.
  • Sport Nutrition Live: Nutritional physiology & the gut; nucleotides & performance; Nutritional strategies for the Tour de France riders; metabolic & nutritional requirements of elite rugby; strategies to recover from exercise.
  • Nutrigenomics Influences on the Liver Detoxification.
  • Nutrigenomics for Sugar.
  • Gut Microbiome and Obesity / Endotoximia / Metabolic Profiles of Genes and Gut Mucosal Function.
  • Nutrigenomics and Fat Sensitivity.
  • Gut Permeability & Autoimmune mechanisms / Mitochondrial Detox with Cell Symbiosis Therapy / Gluten Sensitivity / Microbiome and Immune Function.
  • Advanced Nutrition Management of Chronic Immune Conditions.
  • Sport Nutrition Live: ergogenic aids & vitamin D in Sport / Bio-individuality / Functional Medicine assessment.
  • Genetic Testing.
  • Cooking For Health.
  • Advanced Nutrition Management of Chronic Immune Conditions.
  • Assessment and Treatment of Mento-Emotional, Hormonal and Neurotransmitters imbalances
  • Children’s Health, the Power of Nutrition.
  • Motivating men and transforming their health.
  • Diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology, Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Body Massage, REIKI 1-2, The Horstmann Technique.

These different disciplines facilitate the understanding of possible biochemical imbalances in my clients’ physical or mental conditions and guide me to determine individualized nutrition and lifestyle solutions for every case.

I offer 15 minutes FREE initial consultation over the phone.

Please get in touch directly for information about my fees.

Discounted rates are available for bulk booking.

In return for your investment you will receive:

  • A comprehensive present and past health and medical screening (included).
  • Tailored nutritional and life style programme, based on scientific data, to suit your needs and health goals (included).
  • Urinalysis, to quickly assess your health status (included).
  • Monitoring of your BMI, waist to hip ratio, skin fold in some clients (included).
  • Meal recipes and planning (included).
  • Messaging and email support (included).
  • Many years of clinical experience and supplements knowledge (included).
  • Motivation and accountability coaching (included).
  • Discounted supplements compared to retail price.
  • Functional testing may be suggested in more complex cases.

“What brought you here, won’t take you there”

I understand and appreciate that change sounds unfamiliar and scary sometime, but you must take action and make some changes if you want different results. I wish with all my heart this sentence resonates with you on a much deeper level.

“So, take that first step, it may lead you somewhere magic”


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